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This information is for property managers, landscape chairpersons, and those who manage landscapes. 

 1) Control aphids, mites and whiteflies, they tend to hide on the under side of leaves. 

2) This is a good time to plant subtropical ornamentals such as bougainvillea, mandevilla,   thunbergia and palms.

3) To get more blooms out of any chrysanthemums on your property, pinch them back in May and you should see blooms up through July.

4) Check irrigation systems! Look for leaks, broken nozzles, clogged emitters, or cracked pipes. Now is the time to secure your water delivery systems before summer watering schedules begin. 

5) Manage rose problems. This month powdery mildew, sawfly larvae (rose slugs), and aphids     show up and are remedied by Tierra Verde Landscape, Inc’s staff out on all properties.

    (note: Coastal areas can be more vulnerable to these problems.)

6) Diaprepes abbreviates (root weevil) feed on over 270 species of plants and citrus in localized areas of Orange County and Los Angeles, our licensed Pest Control Operators’ at Tierra Verde Landscape, Inc. manage these issues annually.

    (note: If weevils are allowed to live undetected, they can present a significant threat to the larger landscape.) 

7) Fertilize azaleas and camelias when they stop blooming.

8) Existing color needs to be fertilized and those clients who purchase seasonal color changes a year will see the spring color removed and summer color installed soon.

9) Prune back abutilons, hibiscus’, and princess flowers and other subtropical shrubs that become ‘leggy’.

Provided By: Tierra Verde Landscape


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