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One Hot Car: Solar Coating Helps Power the ‘Quant’ “Durability + Design News”

In the building of the future, solar power and other forms of “green” energy will keep occupants in comfort. When the day is done, the workers will head for the nearby light-rail line and catch the train to their housing cluster just a few miles away, located within walking distance of the grocery and the café.

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ASHRAE Offering Free Downloads for Limited Time of ‘Flagship’ Energy-Efficiency Standard 90.1 “Durability + Design News”

ASHRAE is offering free downloads of its flagship energy-efficiency standard, 90.1, for a limited time, as a result of a funding contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Key Color Drivers: Individual Style Preferences, Economic Realities “Design + Durability News”

A combination of individual style preferences and budget-conscious decorating choices will drive paint color trends in the coming year, says Paint Quality Institute paint and color expert Debbie Zimmer.

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Cool Million: On NY Roofs, White is the New Green “Durability + Design News”

New York can make a great many claims, including status as the financial center of the West; as a leading cultural and entertainment mecca; as home to the most storied sports franchise of all time in the Yankees; and as arbiter of all that is hip and happening.

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Cutting-Edge Green: ‘Vision Zero’ Home Touted as Model of Energy-Efficient Design “Durability + Design News”

The use of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is among the energy-saving building technologies employed in the first net-zero energy home in Michigan, say the partners in the project to design and build the house.

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