Landscape Priorities in March

March 24, 2011 at 10:11 pm Leave a comment

**Spring Landscaping Tips**

  1. Focus upon weed control this month. Control crabgrass in lawns and all other weeds in planter beds by spraying, pulling and/or uprooting.
  2. Apply fresh mulch over weed-free areas to cover exposed soil in planter beds. Mulch application will save water in summer months and discourage future weed growth.
  3. Sweep all planter beds and turf areas clean of fallen leaves and debris left behind from the winter winds and rain.
  4. Divide and replant fall blooming perennials, such as Agapanthus and society garlic, this month for a broader flowering effect later in the year.
  5. Winter rains create soggy soil, which attracts snails into planter beds and planted containers. This month protect, plant materials by removing visible snails and putting down snail bait in planter beds and containers.
  6. Rain brings nitrogen to the soil, but it also washes out other nutrients as it filtrates and drains through layers of soil. Now is the time to apply fertilizer throughout the landscaped property (i.e. groundcovers, roses, shrubs, ornamentals, annuals, turf areas, and perennials.
  7. Prune and ‘lace’ shrubs and perennials harder this month, in preparation for summer. If the shape needs to be re-balanced, now is the time.
  8. Look closely at every mature tree in the landscape for broken branches resulting from effects of winter weather, also make a list of the tree canopies that need to be thinned, trimmed, and re-shaped.

provided by: Tierra Verde Landscape

Entry filed under: Landscaping Maintenance & Tips.

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